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Food Trends 2019: Produce

After last year, 2019 is looking like a very similar year for grocery store produce divisions. Companies selling fresh produce will have to face some of the same issues they faced last year, but if anyone is prepared for it again it’s the LDF Country Market.

One of the things to watch is possible sales issues due to retaliatory tariffs from China and other key markets. However with the LDF Country Market we try to get as much food as possible locally, so that we aren’t in any risk of having tariffs impact our products.

Some of the biggest challenges others in our industry face is keeping fresh product at the store and maintaining enough in stock to satisfy local demand. Big box stores’ answers to this question are typically just overwhelming quantity, but as we have discussed before, quality reigns supreme.

As we did last year, keeping healthy and safe produce in our market is our top priority. The produce section here at the market is thriving. We will continue to buy local and fresh produce, which our customers enjoy. The overall year of 2019 in the produce field will be somewhat unpredictable as it always is. The one thing we know for sure is that our customers will keep coming back and enjoy some of the highest quality in the area. Join our rewards program for the best opportunity to get quality food at a low cost


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