LDF Country Market & Great Lakes Inter-Tribal Council SNAP-Ed ‘Honoring Your Health’

As part of our collaboration with Great Lakes Inter-Tribal Council (GLITC), we offer up the following three delicious and healthy recipes. These were supplied by Kassy Garcia, the nutrition educator of GLITC’s Family Nutrition Program, also known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP-Ed). SNAP-Ed provides nutrition education to food-share eligible or low-income participants. SNAP-Ed’s …

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Recipes: Honoring Wild Rice Harvest

Recipes: Native Wild Rice (Manoomin) In honor of the annual wild rice harvest, we offer some special recipes in this post. Wild rice is different from commercially available rice. The rice is a highly-textured, uneven-grain, medium-brown in color with a nutty aroma. You can actually see the difference in the video below. If you cannot…

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Recipes for Kids Learning from Home

We’re all hoping, of course, that things can get back to normal as soon as possible. However, many school districts across the State have already decided, or are deciding, to have school in any variety of forms, from in-person, remote, or a hybrid mix of various educational scenarios this fall. We want to help you…

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Tailgating Trends for 2020 Season: Part Two

grilled fish tacos

Tailgating has existed ever since cavemen cooked meat over fire while watching their friends run from whatever predator was after them that day. Since that time there have been at least a couple of improvements in quality of food and cooking implements. Some of the more popular recipe improvements are discussed in this blog. To…

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Pasta Recipes


There’s dozens of ways to eat pasta. Almost too many variations! But it’s always delicious and hits the spot. Whether it’s in a lasagna or a bowl of spaghetti, pasta is one of the greatest food inventions of all time. We found a few fantastic recipes to share with you. And, you can find a…

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JELLO Recipes

J-E-L-L-O, the famous jingle is one of the most popular ads of all time and it has helped sell an awful lot of the powdered magic that becomes a fantastic fruity snack. However just making plain jello is actually quite limiting when you look at some of the fun ways to use it. We’ve found…

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Grape-Nuts Recipes

Once discussed by the famous comedian Jerry Seinfeld, Grape-Nuts started out almost 120 years ago as a healthy option in the breakfast isle and have been a cereal mainstay almost ever since. We’ve recently had some customers request recipes for fantastic ideas using more everyday products that they maybe hadn’t thought of before. Because Grape-Nuts…

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Cocktails: Quarantine Recipes for the Sheltered in Place


Who said the only recipes needed during quarantine days are food? Something a little more fun we’d like to share are recipes for cocktails. We found some great ones on the web and had a lot of fun trying them. 1. Classic Moscow Mule Ingredients: 2 oz vodka 2 lime wedges ginger beer   How to…

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Quarantine Recipes: BBQ Wings

BBQ Wings

As the COVID stay at home saga continues we wanted to offer another great recipe we found to inspire your tastebuds. Hopefully, we get closer to tailgating Brewers baseball games soon. And, of course, this recipe could easily be done for tailgating at Packers football games. Nothing quite says tailgating fun and sports quite like…

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