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501 Old Abe Road, Lac du Flambeau, WI 54538
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Gas & Convenience: 6:30 am to 9:00 pm, 7 Days a Week
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Shop Quality in 2020 vs Quantity

shop quality

As the story about the general retail environment says it’s getting tougher and tougher across America, an interesting phenomenon has begun to take shape. Somewhat of a reversal from the conventional wisdom that dominated retail shopping and grocery strategy for over a decade. Bigger was better and smaller, quality local markets got swallowed up by…

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Food For Good

During November and December, the LDF Country Market will have collection baskets for non-perishable food donations. The “Food for Good” campaign will benefit The Tribal Economic Support program. BDC Director of Corporate Projects Melissa Doud and Country Market Supervisor Doug Finn kick off the “Food for Good” drive that will run through Dec.23 at LDF…

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Ground Breaking Business Development at LDF Country Market

If you’ve driven through Lac du Flambeau lately, you likely noticed the beginning ground breaking stages of a new retail center to replace the current home of LDF Country Market. This ground breaking new expansion is a historic event for Tribal Members and for the region. Building a new retail center in Lac du Flambeau is…

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Grilling Season Coming to a Close?

winter grilling

There are two seasons in Wisconsin, winter and grilling. Winter seems to drag on forever and even makes an appearance in April, sometimes May. Winter makes everything cold and gloomy and sometimes we just wish that groundhog would never see his shadow again and deliver an early end to winter which leads to the best…

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Food Trends in 2019 Update: Dairy

dairy trends

Earlier this year we discussed the overwhelming presence dairy has in this state. We know that if you are from Wisconsin, you grew up in the milk and cheese state and were always proud of that fact. Over the last few years, there has been a campaign coming from the west coast claiming “happy cows…

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Food Trends In 2019 Update: Produce

Food trends in 2019

Earlier this year on our blog we examined some of the projected food trends in 2019 and the summer months. We wanted to take a look again at some of these and see if the projected trends held up. When it comes to produce in 2019 we examined the following: Some of the biggest challenges…

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Grilling Produce, Who Knew?

grilled produce

We’ve written numerous times this summer about grilling and tailgating meats of all kinds. During the summer (aka grilling season) there is really no mistaking the smell of a charcoal grill at a ballgame fired up to its’ hottest and the sound of crackling fire ready to cook someone’s favorite cut. However, what if I…

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Blue Harbor Fish Truck Sale is Back

Back by popular demand we are bringing back fantastic seafood from Blue Harbor Fish in a big way! Friday September 20th is going to be a seafood extravaganza! We are going to have 3 lbs of breaded coconut shrimp bites for $14.99. We’ll have some of the best jumbo sea scallops you can find for…

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Tailgating Trends for 2019 Season

grilled fish tacos

Tailgating has existed ever since cavemen cooked meat over fire while watching their friends run from whatever predator was after them that day. Since that time there have been at least a couple of improvements in quality of food and cooking implements. Some of the more popular recipe improvements are discussed in this blog. To…

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